ASME Certification Guidance

Preparation of design documents like UDR, Design calculation, MR, TDC and all related documents for U,U2,S,PP & R Stamp certifications and attending the ASME Pre-Audit with AI & AIS and final audit with ASME Team Leader.


  • Process and Utility Flow diagram
  • Energy and Mass Balance
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
  • Process Data sheet
  • Static Equipment process design and datasheets
  • Pipe line list
  • Tie-in list
  • Equipment & Load list
  • Process Data Sheets for Instruments
  • Valve Specification, Pressure drop, NPSH and Pump sizing calculations
  • Interlock Description
  • Process Equipment Design
  • HAZOP, QRA & PHSER Study
  • Sizing of Flare Lines & Drain Lines
  • Sizing of Crude Lines
  • Simulation Works
  • Surge Analysis for piping systems.
  • HAZOP, QRA & PHSER Studies & Assistance


  • Preparation of Piping Material Specifications
  • Preparation of Equipment and Piping Layout
  • Plot Plan
  • Preparation of Piping Plan and Piping Isometrics
  • Stress Analysis for Critical Piping
  • Surge Analysis for piping systems
  • Bill of Materials
  • Technical assistance to Piping Fabrication works
  • Pipe Thickness, Pipe Sizing calculations
  • Preparation of details for fabrication of pipe anchors, hangers, supports for multiple pipes, alignment guides, expansion joints and loops, and attachments of the same to building structure. Detail location of anchors, alignment guides, and expansion joints and loops
  • Analysis & Design of cross country piping
  • As Built documentation


  • Design and Drawings Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, Columns, Storage Tanks, Silos, Flare stacks, Fired heaters, Air Coolers etc.
  • As Built Documentation


  • Detailed Design and Engineering
  • Engineering specifications for Transformers, EHV equipments, HV, MV & LV Switch gear, Cables etc.
  • Techno economic study of system voltage and high voltage equipment
  • Preparation of Single Line Diagram, Lighting, Power and Earthing Layout, Cable Schedules and etc.
  • Schematics for Interlocks and Controls
  • Area Classification drawings
  • Procurement of total electrical system including Telephone, Paging, Fire alarm, Uninterrupted Power supply system, Power Factor improvement, Emergency DG and Captive power plant.
  • Fault level calculations
  • Voltage drop, lighting, earthing, lightning protection calculations
  • As Built Documentation


  • Review of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Preparation of Instrument Schedules
  • Instrument Data sheet, Bid Specifications
  • Specification for Distributed Control System
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Preparation of Bill of Materials and Erection Tenders
  • Preparation of Process safety/interlock system drawings
  • Specifications for control panel
  • Loop & Hook up drawings
  • Sizing of Control valves, Flow elements and Safety valves
  • Preparation of Instrument layout drawings, cable routing drawing and cable schedules
  • Specifications of electronic instrumentation and Distributed Digital Control System.


  • Foundation Engineering and FEM analysis
  • Analysis and Design of plant, Utilities, Off sites, Buildings and Structures
  • Design of Pipe rack, Equipment frame & Fin fan cooler structure
  • Detailing and Preparation of shop fabrication drawings for structures
  • Roads, Embankments, Trenches, Drains, Valve pits, Drip Barrel pits, Culverts, Platform design
  • As Built documentation
  • Material handling systems

FEA & CFD Analysis

  • Linear Static Analysis
  • Geometric Nonlinear Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Modal frequency analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Transient Dynamic Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Stress Life and Strain life calculations
  • Steady state Thermal analysis
  • Transient Thermal analysis
  • CFD Analysis for various applications.
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